Don’t Forget The Kids: Keeping Children Entertained At Your Wedding or Adult Party

Activity Ideas For Kids at Parties

One of my biggest pet peeves is attending a party or wedding and seeing all of the adults having a great time celebrating while the kids are bored, tired and cranky…but what about the kids?

When my kids were younger, I would often pack and “activity bag” for them when heading to a celebration. Hubby and I would keep them in the car, and if the host had kid activities they would remain there, if not, a trip to the car to retrieve them was in order. My “activity bag” grew a bit as my little “social butterflies” often met friends at the events and they wanted to share. (Yay kiddos!)

Are you hosting an event and want ensure the your “little guest” are entertained also? Here are a few ideas and tips to help you host your event with kid friendly activities in mind.

Designate An Area Just For Kids

One way to make kids feel special at your event is to have an area especially for them. This can be as simple as a table set up with activities that they can choose and take back to their main seating or setting up smaller tables with kid sized chairs, bean bags or plush pillows that they can longe on while creating. Another option, if your venue allows, is setting up a “Kids Zone” in a separate room with books, craft activities, video games or movies (especially popular with older kids).

Provide Activities 

Add age appropriate activities to your kids area. (A trip to my local dollar store comes in handy here.) Activity and coloring books, dress up items like necklaces and bracelets, cards games and board games (for older kids), bubbles, lego blocks and easy crafts are great additions to your kids area. I often use disposable table covers or butcher block paper along with washable crayons and markers to avoid ruining the kids adorable clothing.

Glow in the dark necklaces, bracelets and sticks are also a hit for “Kids Only” time on the dance floor. Let the DJ know ahead of time that you would like some kid friendly songs added to the playlist.
Fun ways to keep kids entertained at parties and weddings

Add Kid – Friendly Snacks

Candy, Popcorn, crackers, cookies, and fruit snacks along with boxed drinks are some of my “go to” items for kids activity areas. Also offering pre-filled goody bags with age appropriate snacks add mobility to kids returning to banquet seating. The idea here is to keep snacks simple; I tend to avoid foods like cupcakes with frosting at my Kid Activity areas; to avoid the area getting sloppy and sticky.

Kids Activity Ideas - Wedding Receptions or Adult Celebrations

Implementing some of these ideas will not only make your event enjoyable for parents, your little guest will have a blast also! For more ideas on adding kid friendly activities to your next event check out Pinterest.

Personalized Graduation Printable Party Decor, College and High School Graduation Party Ideas and Tips

Graduation Decorations for the DIYer

It’s Graduation Season, time to celebrate those accomplishments! I recently completed an order for a Custom College Graduation Invitation from a customer who was celebrating earning her degree as an older adult; which reminds me that it’s never to late to follow your dreams!

With Graduation Season in mind, today I’m sharing a graduation celebration submission that demonstrates how adding little custom elements to your graduation party can have big impact.

Graduation Party Ideas - College University Custom Printable Party by JusPrintables

Personal touches like including photo toppers and labels to a party setup really make this table setup stand out.

DIY Graduation Party Printables by JusPrintables

Graduation Party Flags can be used in may ways like straw or cupcake toppers or cake flags. Here in her University colors, these custom flags give a little pop to these sweet cake pops!

Personalized Graduation Water Bottle Labels by JusPrintables

Another perfect compliment to this party theme were the custom water bottle labels personalized with the graduate’s name and grad year. It’s a such simple DIY project that’s sure to be a hit with your guest! So, if your preparing a Grad party, don’t forget the little details in your event planning.

Check out our Graduation Party Printables for more design inspiration and party supplies. We’d love to see how you use them in your graduation party!

Add Color, Texture and Flavor to Your Party Decorations with Flowers

Floral Touches You Can Add To Your Next Party or EventHappy May Everyone!

I love this time of the year, the birds are singing, the grass is green again (in my neck of the woods) and most of all the flowers are in bloom!

Did you know that you can add color, texture, flavor and (my favorite part) fragrance to your party and event decorations with simple floral additions. Now, we typically expect to see big  and elaborate floral arrangements at weddings and more formal occasions but think about adding floral touches to your next party or event in a more simple but eye catching way.


A flower in a wine glass, topped with a candle can be an easy way to add pop to your party decor. Choose floral colors that are complimentary to your color scheme or use contrasting colors to add more vibrancy!

Simple Flowers add both color and texture to party tables

These cute additions only required a short stroll in my neighborhood for wild flowers and were a hit at our backyard BBQ!


Another simple, yet fun idea is to use edible flowers in your party decorations and food pairings. They can enhance the taste of drinks, salads, desserts while adding visual appeal. Pansies were added to these cocktails for a little extra kick!

***PLEASE NOTE** Do a Google search beforehand to help you decide which flowers are safe and edible. I found a great resource here.

Hope this has inspired you to take advantage of those May flowers!

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