Playful Pink and Gold Adult Birthday Dinner

Jusprintables - Adult Pink and Gold Party Decorations

This playful Pink and Gold themed birthday dinner was in honor of my lovely sister! Having an early November birthday can be a bit of a challenge. (I mean, there’s Halloween then in a couple of weeks Thanksgiving.) When my mother decided to do a dinner party, I just had to come up with a theme that was unique to my sis. She didn’t really want a “Big Fuss” (insert British accent) but she’s such a sweet and classy lady with a great sense of style and humor; so how could I resist?

Custom Monogram Happy Birthday Topper

My mother made a delicious Surf and Turf dinner while I made the dessert. I made these Mini Apple Pies, added gold whip cream and topped with a custom Happy Birthday topper. jusprintables blog pink and gold toppers

Did I mention that my sis loves her two puppies? (#Adorable!) So I added gold glitter to this puppy clip art for the puppy toppers.

Party Straw Flags Pink and Gold

I matched the design on these adorable straw flags! I just love how the gold spray painted mason jar turned out!

Custom Pink and Gold Hershey Kisses

These matching custom Hershey Kisses favors we’re a hit. We had to stash some away, they went so fast! My sis loved everything and we had a great time!

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