We’re Celebrating A Milestone, JusPrintables Etsy Shop Reaches 3000

DIY Party printables, Wedding Signs and Wall Art Prints

We are so excited to celebrate over 3000 sales in our Etsy shop.  I remember opening my Etsy shop and waiting and waiting and waiting to get the first sale and also the celebration I had when someone actually purchased something!

It was quite comical back then to see the confused look on the faces of family and friends as they asked, “What is a printable?” The more they started seeing my printables appear at parties and special occasions, they began to understand and even request some!

After enjoying “my little hobby” I happy to announce that we will be launching our own website this year! JusPrintables.com is coming soon! We will keep you posted in the next couple of months.

Thank You to all of our awesome customers! It’s been a pleasure working with you and seeing all of the photos of your beautiful celebrations. We are thankful that you allow us to take part in making your events memorable!