Add Color, Texture and Flavor to Your Party Decorations with Flowers

Floral Touches You Can Add To Your Next Party or EventHappy May Everyone!

I love this time of the year, the birds are singing, the grass is green again (in my neck of the woods) and most of all the flowers are in bloom!

Did you know that you can add color, texture, flavor and (my favorite part) fragrance to your party and event decorations with simple floral additions. Now, we typically expect to see big  and elaborate floral arrangements at weddings and more formal occasions but think about adding floral touches to your next party or event in a more simple but eye catching way.


A flower in a wine glass, topped with a candle can be an easy way to add pop to your party decor. Choose floral colors that are complimentary to your color scheme or use contrasting colors to add more vibrancy!

Simple Flowers add both color and texture to party tables

These cute additions only required a short stroll in my neighborhood for wild flowers and were a hit at our backyard BBQ!


Another simple, yet fun idea is to use edible flowers in your party decorations and food pairings. They can enhance the taste of drinks, salads, desserts while adding visual appeal. Pansies were added to these cocktails for a little extra kick!

***PLEASE NOTE** Do a Google search beforehand to help you decide which flowers are safe and edible. I found a great resource here.

Hope this has inspired you to take advantage of those May flowers!

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