Party Circle Printables – Toppers and Tags Tutorial

DIY Circle Toppers and Tags Tutorial

“I’m not a crafty person, is it difficult to make toppers or tags from your digital printables”?That’s a question that I seem to get quite often. “Trust me, you can do it!” is always my response. So I’ve decided to put together a short visual tutorial on how it’s done!

What You Will Need:
8.5×11 white cardstock 110lb or heavier
( 8.5×11 full sticker paper if making stickers)
Party Circle Template
2″ Circle Punch

First, I printed my It’s A Boy Circle Labels on 8.5×11 paper; after printing cut a strip of circles.


Next, use a 2 inch circle punch to cut the circles.

(I found this punch at my local Hobby Lobby  store for $11.99 and with their 40% coupon I got it for a great price! You can find 2 inch circle punches at most craft stores.)

2inch cutter


Finally, line up the circles and punch.

Once punched the circles can be used as Cupcake Toppers, Gift Tags, Stickers, Labels and more!

See how easy that was? You can do it too!

Mason Jar Label